Everything Else Waits

In parallel universes,
Everything happens.
But in this universe,
Everything else only waits

Going in Reverse

Say you stopped in your tracks,
This very instant.
And the whole world
Around you followed suit.
Except that you could turn around,
See your footsteps
Leading up to you,
Something no one else could.

Doorway to Daylight

A dark abyss behind my eyes,
No way to know, where am I?
No glimmer of light ahead
The moon at my back
Leading into the night.


A poem, without a name
Or a name for want of poem.
Which one a greater problem?

The Wind Speaks

The air is alive
But only when it becomes wind.
Cool breeze and tornado,
All around, hovering.

And the Music, it Grows

Follow the music, follow the sounds,
Through forest foliage, thick and thin.
Follow it in the woods, down to
A clearing, secluded, unknown.

A Beat That Does Not Love Us

We sing, we dance,To our own special beat.We laugh, we cry,Drumming with our feet. Against the metronome we shiver,Its cold, soulless noise,Unconcerned with our lives,Ignorant of our sorrows, indifferent to our joys. We sing, we dance,To a beat that does not love us.We live, we die,To its rhythm shackled, in handcuffs. Photo by Luz Mendoza…


Awake in the daytime,
Don’t look for it,
It’s there.
No reason to contemplate
It’s purpose, it’s existence,
You just know, acceptance.


What if you could see each step you’ve taken, Highlighted upon the ground? Retrace your every memory, Follow your past, until the present is found.

Graphite Thoughts

Instead of fingerprints on keys, Listen to the scratching of pencil on paper, Graphite thoughts of a mind that is free, Physical products of your labour.