Doorway to Daylight

A dark abyss behind my eyes,
No way to know, where am I?
No glimmer of light ahead
The moon at my back
Leading into the night.

The Wind Speaks

The air is alive
But only when it becomes wind.
Cool breeze and tornado,
All around, hovering.

And the Music, it Grows

Follow the music, follow the sounds,
Through forest foliage, thick and thin.
Follow it in the woods, down to
A clearing, secluded, unknown.

Bamboo Laughter

The wind rushes through the trees,
Unaware of the leaves that it frees,
Frees from the hold of immobility,
Unlocking their true abilities.

The First Bird Chirping

I want to hear the first bird chirp,
I want to listen to it sing,
I would settle even for some warm-up exercises,
I wouldn’t mind a little short-lived chatter,
I only wish to hear that songbird sing.

Valley of Flowers

A narrow line of ants,
Embarking on a journey,
To find a new home,
They must face this mortal peril.

A Stolen Sunset

How can we fight back,
Against this blatant theft of a sunset?

Rain on Our Skin

We are the rain on our skin,
Falling upon us as droplets with soft splatters and cries.
We are the words of books we read,
Telling tales of adventure, of action, of girls, and of guys.


Warm as melted chocolate,
On the roof of your mouth,
Sensory overload.

Time Lapse

A flower, blooming,
Captured on camera.
Beauty of bud to full-fledged flower,
Too slow for us,
Time lapse.