And the Music, it Grows

Follow the music, follow the sounds,
Through forest foliage, thick and thin.
Follow it in the woods, down to
A clearing, secluded, unknown.

A Beat That Does Not Love Us

We sing, we dance,To our own special beat.We laugh, we cry,Drumming with our feet. Against the metronome we shiver,Its cold, soulless noise,Unconcerned with our lives,Ignorant of our sorrows, indifferent to our joys. We sing, we dance,To a beat that does not love us.We live, we die,To its rhythm shackled, in handcuffs. Photo by Luz Mendoza…

In the Serious Moments

If you don’t sing when they tell you to stay silent, If you don’t dance when they tell you to sit still, If you don’t laugh in the serious moments, If you don’t live, then who will? Photo by Belinda Fewings (Unsplash)

Hear Them Shout

Put your earphones in, Close your eyes, zone out, Listen to the voices that no one else can, Hear them whisper, talk, shout.


Hands on the keys, gracefully flying,Skin, black, white, a blur,For with an auditory journey,There is visual beauty, too, to be heard.