As the Night Falls

Streetlights turn on,
As the daylight turns off,
And a scene of utmost serenity

Why do Pens have Caps?

I do believe that it isn’t quite fair,
That pens must have caps and nobody cares,
That some may instead want to wear
Hats or beanies or even sombreros,
But you just jam caps onto their brows.


I just read this book called “Beartown” by Fredrik Backman and even though I completely 100% loathed (I am aware that that was redundant) almost everything about it, it is one of the best books I have ever read. I’m definitely not going to go on to explain the book or anything and turn this…

Evolution: How Pigs Turn Into Humans

WPC: Story Today, you are going to find out how I became a pig. Nope, I am not kidding. I am truly, honestly going to tell you the story of how I became a pig. When we used to live in the US, we would love to go to Legoland. I mean, which three-year-old wouldn’t love…

An Optimistic Odyssey

Story starts from A Foggy Future. Updates every two or three weeks (hopefully).   It’s 2056 and the it feels like we’re living a nightmare. Two years. That’s all it took. Two years for our slightly polluted yet amazing world to become a great big Cloud of dust. We pushed it past the limit and…

History of Gummy Bears

  Have you ever popped one of these amazing candies into your mouth and wondered… Who made these? How did these delicious little things come into existence? Most people haven’t. But that’s okay, I’ll explain anyway. I present to you… *drumroll* … THE HISTORY OF GUMMY BEARS! Unlike the marshmallow, the gummy bear doesn’t have…


I came across this word a few days ago, and I was curious. In all my life, I have never experienced this wistfulness, this vellichor. This seems a bit strange, because I love old books. Something about the way they’re so worn down yet delicate, how you feel like it’s an old friend that might break…

Why are we ticklish?

  Tickling is a phenomena that we have grown to accept without a question. But if you look at the explanation that scientists have come up with and the results of somebody tickling you, you may realize that the idea and the facts don’t seem to fit together. Based on many studies, scientists have come…