Doorway to Daylight

A dark abyss behind my eyes,
No way to know, where am I?
No glimmer of light ahead
The moon at my back
Leading into the night.

It shines upon a gateway
To a place that I just left.
Frogs singing happy birthday,
Being chased by demons,
A land of your wildest dreams.

The scene grows brighter
But the moon has not changed.
I turn to warmth,
Yellow light, faint, invisible,
Tracing the outline of a rectangle.

Making its way through the crevices,
Intensity growing each second.
My curiosity a string pulling me towards it.
Another force pulls my hands up,
Pushing them against the rectangle.

A door opens,
An alchemist, turning darkness into gold,
The magic of a new day,
Of nature,
Of daylight.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

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