Awake in the daytime,
Don’t look for it,
It’s there.
No reason to contemplate
It’s purpose, it’s existence,
You just know, acceptance.

At the right moments,
It’s voice in rays,
Once heard, they fade,
Making things grow,
Inexhaustible starry lore,
Constantly replaced by more.

Speeding colors,
Blurred but sharp,
Outstanding memories,
Bright neon signs,
Voices singing,
Friendships passing.

Twinkle of stars,
Pencil falling on paper,
Tape decks recording,
Messages into the future,
Looking into the past,
Moving so fast.

Meanings escape from grasp,
Fleeing desperately,
To distances of years,
Unknown until observed,
Examples of duality,
Wave, particle – morality.

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