Silent Memories

The one place,
That the rays of the sun can truly be seen.
The one place,
That can freeze anything with a single touch.

Smartphone, film, or polaroid,
Reaching into time’s void.
And returning with an instant,
Bringing back a single moment.

The rapid snap of a shutter,
Creating frozen beauties sometimes of only clutter.
Angles and light to be considered,
Choice of subject; item or critter.

Stitch a few together, a noiseless story,
Up to you to decide— is it one of malice or of glory?
Visible laughter at jokes you cannot hear,
Could your imagination function still, without its ears?

Take enough over years, months, maybe even days,
Some of them appear to age,
It’s beauty mysteriously growing,
Its mind expansive, all-knowing.

So keep them close, perhaps take prints,
Use some filters, brighten, tint,
For they are your possessions, your history,
Quiet wonders, silent memories.

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    1. dlogsblog says:

      Thank you! 🙂


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