A few disjointed words,
Haphazardly typed out.
The blinking line at the end blues,
Few restrictions, all is allowed.

Add a hyphen if you’re feeling professional,
Maybe some quotation marks to be picky,
Just a quick search, a Google,
An encyclopaedia or two, it isn’t even tricky.

Wouldn’t you like to know,
How it worked, behind the scenes,
As the ever-changing database grows,
Reaching beyond even your wildest dreams.

Think, think deep and wonder,
How much knowledge does your brain really hold?
How much could it, without being pushed to blunder?
Maybe you’ll find some unused bits, don’t let them go cold.

Don’t try to stop investigation as it arrives at the station,
Instead, climb aboard, ride it to the next stop,
Use those few disjointed words, delve into the journeys of creations,
You’ll notice, perhaps, that it keeps going, never a mic drop.

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