An apple a day keeps the doctor away,
So allow me to conclude,
That all those who are alive,
Remain alive only due to,
The thousands of apples they have consumed,
During their existence.

By extension,
I’m sure you would understand,
If I said that our lives had gradually been altered,
Growing to resemble more and more closely,
The apples that we absorb and digest,
The apples that become who we are.

Green, yellow, red, so many varieties,
Most have only the red,
It is good,
But it is not different.
Most lives blend into a blur,
Almost impossible to distinguish from one another.

The ones who stand out, brighter, among the rest,
Are like green apples,
Perhaps even yellow.
But despite these differences and similarities,
The intrinsic characteristics of apples,
Are shared by all.

If left to their own devices,
A dirty brown coating develops,
Its quality slowly diminishes,
An irreversible change,
The mind’s vision narrows,
It rots.

But if one grasps the opportunity,
And takes a bite, there is so much to discover,
Crunchy on the outside,
Surprising on the inside,
Sometimes soft, crispy, fresh, untouched, truly

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  1. Interesting poem 🙂


  2. dlogsblog says:

    Thank you! 😀


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