Bird’s Eye View

Soaring high above the cushioning white puffs,
An endless blue beyond,
Far as it can see,
An ocean called The Sky.

So distant from civilization,
Death seems like an insignificant nothing,
Almost non-existent as the horizon,
For the sky never meets the land.

It’s headings are visible,
Above there is nothing to see and yet
The tremendous uncertainty of what lies below gnaws at it,
Forcing it to turn towards the ocean.

It slopes downward,
Does it feel fear, I wonder?
As it dives down,
Down into the unknown.

A pause, because
Is it really the unknown?
For when it emerges, untouched,
It encounters familiarity instead.

A vast expanse of unending blue sea;
The clouds, a mirror,
Reflecting one onto the other,
But which is real?

This side seems different,
The range of blues floating upon its surface,
The constant movement, but unnerving stillness,
The unspoken knowledge that there is something— beyond.

And a small speck of white,
No, not an island;
It moves swiftly,
Leaving behind a trail of bubbles.

A lone ship,
Too small to make out what kind,
But large enough to know,
That it contains stories galore.

A tiny white dash in the middle of nowhere,
A well of imagination, creativity, humanity,
Amidst the surrounding desert,
Unobserved by all but another of the same kind.

It soars high above,
A small speck of black against a background of white,
Too small to make out what kind,
But large enough to know that it has seen the world.

Annual journeys across the seas,
They cross paths but once a year;
These concentrated sources of life,
Amidst their respective deserts.

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