And from that nothing,
Slowly growing and consuming your mind.
Thoughts about everything,
Thoughts about nothing,
But thoughts, nevertheless.

Then comes the cough,
The sneeze, the yawn.
The eternal noise of your thoughts persists.
But soon,
Back to nothing.

They clash and fight,
Arguing for control.
A shake of the head,
Pale white clenched fists,

Eyes shut,
Because, for some reason,
Sight and silence cannot coexist.
The lights go out.

Discomfort follows,
Hands shuffling,
Tentatively, you stretch,
Afraid of everything,
Afraid of nothing.

And more thoughts,
They plague your mind,
They wait to be expressed.
Sitting idle,

And then, for a moment,
The thoughts disperse,
Leaving behind an empty space,
Undisturbed, content.


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