As the Night Falls

Streetlights turn on,
As the daylight turns off,
And a scene of utmost serenity

Engines rev,
As vehicles ready themselves,
For the final hassle,
Of the long journey home.

Stressed faces lose their creases,
As they ready themselves,
For the attack of their children,
When they return home.

The moon rises almost unnoticeably,
And a pearly orb suddenly appears in the heavens,,
As artists pull out their brushes,
And splatter glitter all across the sky.

Slowly, as time passes, the honks disperse,
And one can only notice the odd car
Driving hurriedly to the airport,
As silence prevails.

Stories from different lives meet
And mingle with food,
To be eagerly consumed,
As worlds collide at the dinner table.

Blankets rustle,
And heads turn,
As witches come to life,
And haunt their dreams.

But in the background still persist,
Melodies from a lullaby,
Or happily-ever-afters,
And all will remain the same,
Until the first daylight of tomorrow.

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