What the Water Knows

It has journeyed from the Earth to the heavens,
And it has journeyed back.
It has rambled along the rocky road down to hell,
And has returned, unchanged, once again.
It has wreaked havoc on towns and terrorized nations,
And still we pray for more.
A single drop can show you just
What the water knows.

A perfect raindrop falls to the ground,
Never to be the same,
And one morning as the sun rises,
Its ascent begins once again.
Until, lo! it is caught by a breeze,
That takes it to lands afar.
From India to Turkey,
From there maybe Qatar!

It sat frozen in a glacier in the mountains,
Waiting for its turn to flow
All the way down to the thirsty mouths,
That await it down below.
From there to a sewer,
And then– who knows?
A lake or an ocean,
Someplace where it snows!

Still people are going thirsty,
And so we pray for more.
A single drop can tell you,
Just what the water knows.


Title taken from a poem by Sam Hamill

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