Evolution: How Pigs Turn Into Humans

WPC: Story

Today, you are going to find out how I became a pig. Nope, I am not kidding. I am truly, honestly going to tell you the story of how I became a pig.

When we used to live in the US, we would love to go to Legoland. I mean, which three-year-old wouldn’t love it? That’s just messed up. So apparently, there were two lego models of pigs somewhere in Legoland and my dad decided to make up this story.

He told me that they went to Legoland one day and saw these three statues of pigs in the park. I remember him saying that they wanted one of the pigs so they picked it up and took it home and Voila! That Lego model of a pig turned into me!

I’m not sure but I may have actually believed that for a while! I don’t think that’s too bad though, my friend told me that her mom told her that they bought her at Walmart because she was on sale!

But now I have all these statues of pigs because I told my friend this story, and she gave me eleven pigs for my last birthday! I guess I can’t do anything, though… Once a pig, always a pig.


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