An Optimistic Odyssey

Story starts from A Foggy Future. Updates every two or three weeks (hopefully).


It’s 2056 and the it feels like we’re living a nightmare. Two years. That’s all it took. Two years for our slightly polluted yet amazing world to become a great big Cloud of dust. We pushed it past the limit and now we’re facing the consequences. Obviously, we knew that there was a high chance that it was coming, but none of us wanted to believe it. I mean, who would want to believe that in two years the planet we live on is going to turn into a mass of smog?

Still, we tried to spread the news but we were ignored. Conspiracists, they called us. Cheats. Tricksters. Liars. What could we do? We didn’t even have our time machine to get proof. Our director was either floating around somewhere in a time vortex or he’s here somewhere, hiding. No director, our only proof was coming from a ten-year-old, no time machine, who was going to believe us? Who was going to fund our research? NASA shut the project down and put us in other departments. All our work ended up as a huge waste.

Then, a year ago, everything changed. It started with India. The Cloud descended upon Allahabad first. Or rather, it grew into Allahabad. It happened slowly, barely anyone realized it was happening. Then all of a sudden, The Cloud descended on Beijing, Delhi, Zabol, Riyadh, it was everywhere. NASA called us for a meeting one day.

“There’s something going on in cities all over the world. Figure it out, and try to find some sort of solution. We’ll give you everything you need.” they said. And that was it. No acknowledgement of our work. No “I’m sorry. We should have believed you”. We just got back to work. Or at least, we tried.

Every time we came up with something new that could help solve the problem, the condition worsened. Studies showed that our Ozone Layer was completely gone now and the only thing protecting us from UV Radiation was The Cloud. This only encouraged world leaders to accept the world as it was. Not to mention the fact that we now had to not only get rid of The Cloud, but also somehow do something about the now non-existent Ozone Layer.

This was supposed to be an account of our failed projects. Instead, I think I’ll write about our upcoming journey to success.



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