I came across this word a few days ago, and I was curious. In all my life, I have never experienced this wistfulness, this vellichor. This seems a bit strange, because I love old books. Something about the way they’re so worn down yet delicate, how you feel like it’s an old friend that might break at the slightest force just seems to pull you in.

On that note, can I also say that I really love the smell of old books. Or all books in general. Now, you probably either think I’m one of those crazy book nerds, or you can totally relate. I looked this up to make sure my friends and I aren’t the only ones and voilá! I discovered a new interesting word.

Image result for bibliosmia

I was speechless.

There goes my hope of coining a new word.


PS. Just to dismiss your fears about me being slightly crazy, I’m 13. ‘Nuff said.

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