The Lonely Sea

There had always been something unsettling about that window. It rattled when the air was still. At night, it would moan and sound like the ocean, crashing against the rocks. If one listened carefully, they may hear a small voice, singing a song.

But what an insignificant detail that is, in a fantasy world full of joy. This was the sort of world Charlotte Driscoll lived in. Born into a rich but humble, comfortable background, Charlotte would be daydreaming 24/7. Her family, of course, despised this fact.

One day as her mother was out shopping, an old man came knocking at her door.

“Hello. Can I help you?” she asked, a bit confused as to why he was here.

“I’m looking for a friend. I think he lives in Harwood Manor. Where would that be?”

“Oh. I’m sorry but that’s about 2 miles away, but why don’t you come in for a while and freshen up. You look tired.”

“Thank you” he said stepping into the house and taking of his shoes.

Charlotte offered him a seat and asked if he would like a cappuccino. He nodded and she went to the kitchen, promptly arriving with a cup of coffee. They sat in silence which was broken by the man, Roger Wilkinson:

“What’s that noise?”

“Which noise? I can’t hear anything.” replied Charlotte

“That small voice. Singing that song. It’s coming from that window, over there.”

“I hear it! What is that?”

Roger went to the window and touched the glass. He then realized that his hand could go right through! As he brought his hand back into the house, he noticed droplets of water on his hand, which was strange as there was no sea or water body near Charlotte’s house. Charlotte, being more reckless, climbed through.

She was on a beach, with a single boat on one side and the smell of the sea breeze hanging in the air. She then put her head back through the window, which had now become a strange piece of floating glass and said to Roger,”It’s all safe. You can come. ”

A little reluctant, Roger climbed out of the window and onto the beach. Charlotte was examining the boat which had a piece of paper stuck to it. It said:

‘Use me’

Suddenly, a little ghost came into sight, singing the song they had previously heard.


Charlotte, who wasn’t very surprised by the sight of the ghost since she was always dreaming about them tried to make conversation.

“Hello. How are you?”

The little spectre had no intention of replying and Roger screamed at Charlotte.


The ghost was floating towards Charlotte with its fist raised. It looked as if it was about to punch her and so she listened to Roger and got into the boat. He pushed the boat into the sea with surprising strength and got in himself.

“DO YOU KNOW HOW TO OPERATE THIS THING?” Charlotte asked over the roar of the waves.

“YEAH. I’M A RETIRED OLYMPIC KAYAKER” He said, in explanation.

They rowed out to sea with, once again, astonishing speed but the ghost was only a little slower than them. Suddenly, Roger lost complete control of the boat.

“What’s going on?” asked Charlotte.

In response, Roger shrugged, spellbound. The ghost came closer. It was close enough to hit either person but instead, it touched the boat with a single hand and BOOM!

The boat had capsized, with Roger and Charlotte in it. Luckily they both knew how to swim and two heads bobbed out of the lonely sea. They held hands, to ensure they wouldn’t get thrown apart by the current. They felt themselves spinning and realised they were in a brobdingnagian whirlpool. They were being sucked down at great speed. They were both completely underwater but amazingly, could breathe perfectly fine.

All at once, they appeared in the living room of Charlotte’s house, both peering out of the window strangely.

“Weird”exclaimed Charlotte.

“Yes. Very.”Replied Roger.



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