The Shadowmen

I could feel their eyes on me but I couldn’t see them. I knew they wouldn’t give up and I knew that they would kill me. So be warned. The shadows will come for you. No one can stop them. All you can do is surrender…

-A warning from a victim of the shadows


Lucy had always known that there was something different about her. She could sense it. In school barely anyone would speak to her. They could sense it too. An eerie strangeness. Lucy had tried for ten years to figure it out. Now, she knew.

On her tenth birthday, Friday 13th February 2015, Lucy ran out of her room. She took one look at the mirror and stopped in her tracks. There was a shadow falling on her face but nothing to cast it. Suddenly, the floor shook and a voice rang out loud and clear. “You are destined to be the next Shadow Lord. The shadows will come for you.” With that, everything went back to normal as if nothing had happened.

Lucy took a step towards the front door, stumbled, regained her balance and walked out still shaking with fear. She glanced around furtively, checking if there were any shadows lurking about. As she turned, she realised her own shadow had vanished! ‘How is it I never noticed this before?’

All of a sudden, she noticed a group of shadows standing a mere twenty paces away and moving towards her. She ran. She ran as fast as she could for a very long time until she reached an abandoned house. Lucy was tired, so she ran into the house to hide hoping that they wouldn’t notice her.

She slammed the door shut and locked it but a Shadowman had somehow gotten inside. Some more arrived. Eventually, they had Lucy cowering in a corner frightened as a fly just about to be swallowed by a frog.

Lucy watched as her shadow moved away to become one of the Shadowmen. In a cold voice it hissed, “You are of no use now”. And to the other shadows, “Leave her. Our cousins will be very happy indeed to see a nice, new gift.” Saying this, with a small ‘poof’, they left. Lucy sat on the floor wondering why she had been chosen. She could vaguely remember a note. It was a warning signed by a ‘victim of the shadows’. Now, she finally understood what it meant. She looked around and saw the cracks on the floor. A few seconds later, the tiles gave way and Lucy felt herself falling. She groped about for something to hold on to but couldn’t find anything. Lucy fell into some water. The Water Spirits were lying in wait. A hand gripped her ankle firmly. It was slimy. Another hand grabbed her trembling arm. Lucy was then dragged down and never heard of again.

On the warning note, Lucy hadn’t read the last sentence-

“Just remember, fear is what they feed on. FEAR…”

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  1. Don’t be afraid to keep writing – Remember you said it yourself – “Fear is what they feed on – FEAR.” 🙂 🙂

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