My Supposed Personality From my Horoscope

Born in October, I am a Libra who seems to fit some of the personality traits of one and doesn’t fit others.

With the symbol of the scales, we Librans are supposed to have a balanced nature, which I know for sure I obviously do not have one. I can get very loud and annoying at times but can also be extremely quiet and serious. The Libran element is air, which means that I use my mind to make sense of my life. If I think about this, it actually makes sense after a while.

Moving on, our birthstone is the Opal which signifies hope and confidence, both of which I do not have. I tend to lose hope very easily and do not have confidence in many of my friends. The stone Opal is said and believed to conduct energies of planet Venus. Dream on because that is clearly false.

Librans supposedly love to be surrounded by art, culture and beauty in a harmonious environment. To me, art and culture, sadly, don’t seem very interesting and may sometimes get very boring and dreary. They are also meant to be charming, diplomatic, aggressive and manipulative. Firstly, let’s forget the charming part because I can get very disagreeable at times. Secondly, since diplomatic and aggressive are somewhat antonyms, I think I am quite aggressive. I am NOT manipulative and never get things done my way.

Librans are good at viewing two sides of an argument and only then taking a decision. This could apply to me but some people would say it does not. I’d say it’s 50/50. Apparently, people born under the sign of the Libra are peaceful. NO WAY! Libras do not like violence, injustice, loudmouths or conformity. Doesn’t everyone dislike injustice and loudmouths? Personally, I hate injustice, loudmouths and violence but not conformity. I am a very obedient person myself. A Libra child seems to know things that are more advanced for their age. This, I think, would probably be true.

We can be lazy. So what? Everyone can be lazy, not just Librans. Libran kids tend to be more smiley than other kids. True. If I asked my friends how they would describe me, more than half of them would say I was funny. They get along with other children. This does not apply to me as I am very shy around new people or people I have not met in a very long time.

The Libra child seems to be very calm and composed. I, on the other hand, seem to be very short-tempered and unable to sit still.

I am probably never going to read a single horoscope ever again because I know that I am an exception. Around 65% of the personality traits of a Libran are completely incorrect. How about yours?

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  1. Sunita Kumar says:

    For the present your self analysis is quite true except for the charming part. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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