A Victim of the Silence

There used to be more of us. There were five. Now, there is only one. Me. My time is short. I’m already dead. The story must be spread, but not by me. The story must be spread by you. The fate of seven billion people lies in your hands.

It all started in the forest on the mountain. That was were we lived. Just the five of us. And the dog. We were wandering aimlessly when suddenly, we heard a queer noise. Some sort of buzzing except there were random beeps every minute or two. The youngest of our company, Rose looked around and as she turned back, she let out a bloodcurdling scream.

We turned around and what we saw was terrifying. It was a robot. Wire bits stuck out from everywhere. Its eyes were bright red and its hands were reached out in front of it like a zombie. The noise was coming from its face somewhere. He walked closer to Rose and touched the side of her head, right above her left ear. We watched, petrified. A dent appeared on Rose’s head where the robot touched her. She fell on the floor, eyes and mouth wide open. She stood up, got into the same posture as the first robot and reached out towards me. I ran. We all did. Just the four of us. And the dog who was barking ferociously.

We reached our house and thought of hiding place but figured that Rover’s barking would probably be a dead giveaway. All of a sudden, he stopped barking. It was as if someone had pressed a button on his collar and he stopped.  We hid behind some tall bushes and stayed there for a long time. I think I dozed off because when I woke up, there was no one around.

I heard the familiar buzzing and beeping noise and looked around for the robots. I couldn’t see them and so, let out a sigh of relief. I noticed the noise was coming from somewhere behind me. I looked behind me and saw them. I realized something. Now, it was just me. Even the dog had run off somewhere. There were five of them now.

All five of them came towards me, arms extended. The last thing I remember was Rover, who had suddenly appeared. He was trying to protect me. I fell on the ground. I saw them saying something. Not saying. Mouthing. All I understood was:

“Friday the 13th, May-”

Now, I am sitting in a dark room. A ghost had come in and told me that if I had a note for anyone, now was the time to write it. Because I am now dead. I had seen the robots mouthing a few words, and now I know what they were.

“Friday the 13th, May. Thats when it will happen. Thats when you’ll all die.”

This note is addressed to the whole world. It is a warning, not a joke. I can promise you it is not any sort of prank. You are in severe danger.


– A Victim of the Silence

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